Signature Branded Events

Signature Branded Events

Indie On Air’s signature and branded events are designed to provide not only a great form of entertainment, but also significant value to all entities involved in the process (artists, venues and sponsors). Whether it be exposure and income for the artists to quality promotions and revenue for venues or marketability and brand expansion for sponsors, IOA’s goal is to always show value and benefits to all of our business associates and partners to achieve their individual goals.

Indie Fest

Our flagship music festival. It all began in Austin, TX with Texas Indie Fest in 2011. The concept grew quickly and beyond Austin. We have held Indie Fests of varying sizes in Corpus Christi, TX, Colorado Springs, CO, and St. Augustine, FL. Carolina Indie Fest (Sanford, NC) will take place in 2021 along with Michigan Indie Fest.

The Barrel Sessions

As with The Growler Sessions, The Barrel Sessions is a specific venue-based event partnering with breweries, wineries/vineyards & distilleries to create a unique music event highlighting the venue and its specific industry. These shows can be for an individual venue, a multiple venue event or even an industry-focused festival. By focusing on these specific industries, it allows for a uncommon synergy and a unique dynamic that lends itself to a natural partnership between the two industries.

One Night Stand

The largest segment of music performance types is the ‘single/stand-alone’ performance. Whether it be a bar, nightclub, music venue or one of many other formats/locations, the stand-alone shows are the ‘bread and butter’ for most musicians. IOA recognizes and embraces these types of shows and as with our other branded events, we wanted to build a brand that can be better promoted and marketed to the pubic and for our artists, venues, and sponsors.

The Abolitionist Concert Series

Launching in 2022

Fighting human trafficking has always been a cause that is near to the heart of Indie On Air. The Abolitionist Concert Series will be a nationwide recurring event that raises money for various anti-human trafficking programs while at the same time providing revenue and marketing-exposure opportunities for both venues and artists.

Unity in Music Conference

In addition to negotiating a music distribution partnership with White Lion Audio, we began a dialog in regard to creating a one-of-a-kind music conference. After a great deal of discussion, research, and collaboration, we were able to come away with the development of a second partnership deal with White Lion which was named ‘Unity Entertainment Group’.

This partnership was formed to develop a variety of future events whose focus and purpose is to bring together all aspects of the music industry to better network, promote and educate through trade shows, showcases and performances, seminars/workshops, presentations, and speakers for the benefit of all involved. Our signature event is The Unity In Music Conference.

We are currently continuing to develop our inaugural event which is tentatively scheduled for spring of 2022.